June 28

Halloween at the Lawrence Hotel


Actress and singer Fiona Dalton brings Tlachtga, the Celtic goddess of Halloween to life through an original interactive performance of story and song.

Tlachtga, now known as the Hill of Ward, is an important ritual prehistoric site just 1km from the Lawrence Hotel. It comprises a quadrivallate enclosure and recent archaeological excavations at Tlachtga suggest this ancient hill was used for feasting and ceremonial gatherings. It continued in importance into the historical period, marking the border between two kingdoms. Tigernán Ua Ruairc, Gaelic king of Bréifne, was killed on this hill in 1172 during negotiations with the Cambro-Norman lord Hugh de Lacy.

This wonderful piece of drama was written and directed by Mr Gerry Mead, performed by the incredibly talented Ms Fiona Dillion. It depicts with humor and song the true celebration of Samhain and is performed in a beautiful location, right here at the Lawrence hotel in the historic town of Athboy, only minutes away from the location where Halloween all began. Tlachtaa, as the Hill of Ward is know was the highest parliment of the ruling Druids and it is where the first fires were lit to establish the new year. This show formed a part of an evening evoking Samhain tradition at the Lawrence. Guests booked a guided tour of the hill, A Samhain experience meal with our Gastro alert Druid chef and immersed themselves in a show with traditional music to end the evening. These samhain feast nights will hopefully return to the Lawrence in 2021. This amazing experience for history buffs or visitors wishing to experience the true origin of Halloween!!! Call 0469487001 – Tlachtga Abhaile is definitley home!! Join her and find out the real story!


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Halloween at the Lawrence Hotel

Halloween at the Lawrence Hotel